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Smoked Herb Chicken

I wanted to try something different so I “butterflied” a chicken and smoked it with just butter and herbs. This turned out so incredibly delicious that I am excited to smoke other things as well. The chicken was moist and flavorful, a real treat! Maybe a turkey will be in the smoker next!! Smoked Herb Chicken  […]

Peach Scones

Just when I thought these things couldn’t get any better, they did. I loved the banana scones I made with my daughter, but then we decided to make them with fresh peaches. Oh my goodness! With fresh peaches, these scones went to a new level of yumminess. Treat your taste buds to something special with […]

Shoyu Chicken

If my children had one “go to” meal that they could eat every week, it would be this one. I am not sure what it is about this chicken, but folks absolutely LOVE it. It has a salty sweetness and the ginger adds a unique savor to the dish. I hope it will become a family favorite of […]

Baked Ziti

Whether you are camping with the scouts, chilling with the family or in the back yard with friends, baked ziti is a comfort dish that always gets rave reviews. It is kind of a one pot “add what ever you like” kind of dish. A BIG shout out to my good friend Mark Kapp for […]

Kung Pao Pork

This is a wonderful, flavorful dish that I love to make. I use a cast iron wok which really helps, but a cast iron or other heavy fry pan will work as well. The combination of vegetables, peanut butter and spice is fantastic! You can substitute chicken for the pork as well.  I hope you […]

Chicken Terrifica

I made this sauce up one day and it was so good that I called it terrific. I mean, it is so amazingly good that I could probably eat it on shoe leather and it would be a treat!  I served it over chicken, but I think you could use steak or pork chops as […]

Split Pea Soup with Ham and Barley

For some strange reason I have always LOVED split pea soup!. With carrots and onions it has such a wonderful, rich flavor. It is a great comfort food that I don’t get often enough (my children are not fans because it is green). The barley adds a kind of nutty texture that I really liked. […]

Chicken Noodle Soup

When the weather turns cold I love to put on a pot of soup. Just the smell of a simmering soup warms the soul and brightens the spirits. One of the easiest and most comforting is good-old chicken noodle! It is really hard to beat. For an added treat, try our Kansas influence and serve […]

Grilled Vege Kabobs – Amazing!

I love summer and fall fresh vegetables from my own garden and the local farmers markets.  One of my favorite ways to eat them is to grill them!  You can always do these over a fire if you prefer, but turn them often to keep them just right for you!     Ingredients: (varies according […]

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