Campout Cooking


For anyone involved with scouting, this is where the rubber meats the road.  Most of you cooking is done with an open fire or a backpacking stove.  Open fires can accommodate Dutch oven, fry pans and other devices, or simple entertain a hot dog on a stick.  It is hard to beat a nice bed of orange coals with an aluminum foil packet of wonderful goodness sitting on top.

Open Fire Basics

It is difficult to find better tasting food that in the outdoors with an open fire.  There is just something magic about the food and the experience.  But you can have the same experience in your back yard with a metal wash tub sitting on three bricks.  You will relive old memories and your children will experience new ones.

Tinfoil dinners are an old-time favorite, but after you get used to cooking in a tinfoil sack a whole new world opens up.  Using a sack you can cook sandwich fixings, stir fry and add cream soups to your traditional dinners.  Wrapping biscuit dough around a stick is a wonderful but simple treat.

So split some wood, build a fire, sing some songs and make some memories.  They will last a lifetime!

Backing Stove Basics

Backpacking stoves are designed to be small and light weight.  With a stove, a light weight pan and a few simple ingredients you will be amazed at the simple and delicious meals you can make.  You don’t have to carry a of heave food to eat well on a backpacking trip.

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