Traditionally grills have been for cooking burger, hot dogs, chicken and steaks.  But lately I have found all kinds of fun things to do with a grill, I have even baked a pizza.  So let’s have fun together and take your grill to a new level.

Grill Basics

Your grill can be fueled by propane, natural charcoal or briquettes. Depending on the fuel source you will have a little different flavor to your food.  You can cook with direct heat (a hot zone right on top of the heat) or indirect heat.  Indirect heat is created by turning a burner off and cooking with a lower heat generated from the other side, or moving all the charcoal to one side of the grill and cooking on the other side.

You can ad flavor to your food by adding wood chips to the process.  With a gas grill, use a chip box or an aluminum foil pouch with chips.  When using charcoal you can add chips directly on top of your coals.  It is generally a good idea to soak them in water first so that they smoke instead of burn.

You can also place a pan on your grill to bake items like rolls, pizza and calzones.  you will need to experiment with your pan, your heat and timing to get used to your particular situation.  Watch your temperature to make sure your don’t burn the bottom.  The tops will cook but may not brown as well since there is no top heat source, but is indirect.

Take a new look at your grill and let’s share the adventure!

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