Camp Stove


Camp stoves come in all shapes and sizes. I think everyone has cooked on a Coleman Stove, either using white gas or a more current version using a propane bottle. They are compact, light and can be taken almost anywhere. Larger camp stoves can have two or three burners and connect to a 5-gallon propane bottle. They cook hotter and faster but are harder to travel with.

You can cook with almost any pot or pan, but something heavy duty like cast iron is great. So let’s get creative together and have fun with our camp stoves!

Camp Stove Basics

For a long time my two-burner Camp Chef stove was folded up in it’s storage bag in my shed.  I would get it out once or twice a year when the family went somewhere.  But recently I set it up on my patio next to my Dutch oven table and grill and now I use it several times a week.

It is great to make soups, stews, skillet dinners and so much more.  I even processed some salsa in my hot water canner.    It is great to get the heat out of the kitchen.  We talk about anything you can cook inside we can cook outside, and a lot of that can be done on your stove.  All have to do is keep it handy so that you don’t have to set anything up.

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