Grilled Kokanee Salmon

I love to fish!  That means that according to the agreement between and my amazing wife, that I get to cook those fish that I catch and bring home!  When I caught a few Kokanee Salmon I decided to grill them and see how they would work out.  This was an amazing meal that made me hungry for more!



Ready to serve!



4 pounds of Kokanee Salmon, cleaned

2 Tablespoons butter

4 Tablespoons Lime or Lemon Pepper

1 teaspoon Your choice of Hot Sauce

Tin Foil



Clean the Kokanee thoroughly

Use a knife to slice into a butterfly fillet

Prepare the tin foil buy folding up a mote on the edges all around

Spray non-stick spray onto the tin foil

Place the fish on the tin foil

Heat up your grill to about 380 degrees

Place the tin foil with the fish onto the grill

Place butter in spots on the fish

Shake on the Lime Pepper

Cook for 6 to 8 minutes for an amazing dish!

Sprinkle on the hot sauce of your choice



That looks good enough to eat!

That looks good enough to eat!

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