Omelet Bowls

Few things are better outside than breakfast.  My neighbor Cindy recently posted a link to something that is easy to prepare and – Oh My – so very good (I made minor modifications).  These bowls are simple to throw together and everyone can customize their own.  So become a outdoor short-order chef and individualize these tasty little bowls for your family.  The hard roll gets flakey,crispy texture – almost like a Croissant!  The only thing holding you back is your imagination.


Omelet Bowl with ham, egg and cheese.

Hard rolls

Eggs, beaten (about 2 per person)

Bacon, Sausage or Ham – cooked

Onion, Red or Green Peppers – chopped

Mushrooms, Spinach – chopped

Cheddar, Pepper Jack or Swiss Cheese – grated or sliced.

Set your solar oven out to preheat.  Set out all the edible toppings in bowls.  Cut the top off your roll and dig out the middle, be careful not to tear the sides or bottom.  Allow each person to layer cheese, meat and vegetables as desired.  Pour eggs over the filling, more or less depending on the size of the hard roll and the amount of filling inside.  Place in a dark pan, cover and put in your solar oven.  Bake for 40 – 45 minutes until eggs are set.  Sprinkle additional cheese on top and allow to melt.  Serve with fruit, tomatoes, avocado or salsa.

This would also be great in a Dutch oven.  Place bowls in your oven and bake at 350 with 8 coals under and 16 on top.

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