Funeral Potatoes

I know what you’re thinking, “what are funeral potatoes?” Well, they’re a Utah tradition and they’re not just for funerals! They can be eaten anytime, really. Funeral luncheons, Sunday dinner, Easter… Tuesday night. They’re delicious and sooooo easy to make. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 32oz bag of hashed browns 2 cans cream of chicken […]

Dutch Oven Buffalo Stew and Biscuits – And a Pioneer Day Guest Post!

    As some of you know, if you live in Utah you get July 24th off as a State Holiday to honor the day when Brigham Young sat up in a borrowed wagon and said “This is the right place.  Drive on.”  That was 1847 and we celebrate the Days of 47 throughout this […]

Tin Foil Sacks

Since I was a new Cub Scout I have made tin foil dinners.  Most of the time they turned out dry and a little lacking.  That all changed when I attended Scoutmaster Training and learned how to make a tin foil sack.  It took the old tin foil dinner to a whole new level.  They are […]

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