The Dutch Oven Dome

This is one of those “how to cook” and not a “what to cook” post.  My sweet wife recently presented me with a new cooking gadget that I had not seen before.  It’s called the Dutch Oven Dome from Camp Chef and you use it in connection with your camp stove.  I used it for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.  My rolls turned out great!

The Dutch Oven Dome

This is how it works. The Dutch Oven Dome allows you to bake and cook in your Dutch oven without using charcoal!  You can use any Dutch oven pot, cast iron fry pan (as long as the handle fits under the dome) or the lid to your Ultimate Dutch Oven.  It is so simple.  I prepared frozen rolls and baked as directed but you can cook anything that you normally cook in your Dutch oven, like potatoes and onions or your favorite dessert. There is a steel plate that sits under your pan and diverts the heat from your camp stove, around the edge of your oven. Set your burner heat to medium and adjust up or down a little as necessary during cooking. You can lift the dome and take a peek to make sure things are coming along nicely.  The dome captures and circulates the heat and bakes your food. It is relatively inexpensive and is a great alternative to using charcoal. Take a look on the Camp Chef site and order one for yourself!  Outdoor cooking just got a lot more fun.


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