Perfect Brownies

My son, Christian, LOVES these brownies! They are soft, warm, chewy and chocolaty. He makes these all the time. Add a little Heavenly Chocolate Sauce and maybe some vanilla ice cream and you are in sweet, sweet heaven. You have to give these a try. Who needs a box? These are so simple to make […]

Peach Scones

Just when I thought these things couldn’t get any better, they did. I loved the banana scones I made with my daughter, but then we decided to make them with fresh peaches. Oh my goodness! With fresh peaches, these scones went to a new level of yumminess. Treat your taste buds to something special with […]

Blackberry Bread Pudding

I should have been raised in the South because I have always enjoyed bread pudding.  Normally I make it with raisins, but we decided to use blackberries from our back yard.  This is one of those guilty pleasures that your family will LOVE!  You can also use raspberries or raisins if you prefer. Blackberry Bread […]

Banana Scones

Cooking in a solar oven is so easy and fun. My daughter came over and we whipped up some banana scones for lunch. They baked up beautifully. Such a wonderful snack to share together, warm, moist, yummy banana scones with a cardamom kick. These were almost the texture of a short bread, I think you […]

Cinnamon Pull Aparts

This recipe is so very simple, but it is a huge hit with young and old alike. Pull-Aparts 4 cans refrigerator slam biscuits ½ cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 T. cinnamon (to taste) Dip each biscuit in butter and then sugar, cinnamon mixture.  Place in 12-inch Dutch oven that has been sprayed with Pam.  Arrange […]

Easy Flan

When it comes to deserts, I think one of the very best is flan.  It looks impressive and with that smooth, velvety, creamy texture it doesn’t get much better.    The wonderful thing about flan is that it looks a lot harder than it really is.  So I got a little adventurous and put one in […]

Grandma’s Candied Apple Dumplings

My very first Dutch oven experience was with my brother-in-law Dean Hatch at the Festival of the American West in Logan, Utah.  Dean needed an assistant and I was fortunate enough to join him.  This is his grandmother’s recipe and it was good enough for us to place in the desert competition.  My family loves […]

Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake

It is always fun when you are camping to pull a Bundt cake out of a Dutch Oven.  People are accustomed to seeing a cobbler or a cake, but a Bundt cake can be very impressive.  You are sure to get some oooos and ahhhhs from your family and friends.  You just need a deep camp oven […]

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